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Rockys space invaders

title:Rockys space invaders
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Rocky waters
release:March 2017
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Rocky's space invaders is of course new developer Rocky waters take on the classic 1980's arcade shooter (a game with many well known and equally classic audio versions as well).

As is usual the principle is simple. Move your gun from left to right of the playing field to catch alien ships in your sights and blast away before they land. For each landed ship you lose a life and of course all lives lost and it's curtains.

The Rocky waters version of space invaders however comes with a few extra quirks to keep you on your toes. First off, while as in all the classic audio invaders games you need to centre the sound of the descending alien ship in the stereo field, in the Rocky waters variant of the game the ships don't just drop straight down. You will have to come to terms with aliens coming from the left, right and indeed random directions, in groups of as many as six at a time on later levels and with thirty waves of aliens to get through and just ten lives to do it this can be a tricky proposition. You will also need to contend with the occasional red alien mothership who takes extra hits to destroy.

Fortunately, you have more than just your standard point and shoot laser. You can hit r for a rapid fire effect, e for an electronic stunner that stops the aliens temporarily, d for a destructive nuke that clears all enemies from the sky and f for a forcefield that slows down the aliens rate of descent. The only bad news is that all of these special weapons are only obtainable by achieving high accuracy ratings against the waves of alien ships (so you might want to be careful with that rapid fire upgrade).

As well as some very atmospheric sounds and music and some amusing recorded electronic messages, the game also outputs to many different screen readers including Window eyes, system access, Pc talker, Nvda, Jaws, dolphin supernova and of course ms Sapi for the self voicing option.

Probably the most unique thing about Rocky's space invaders though, is that it has one thing comparatively few audiogames have, namely graphics. 8bit retro graphics that wouldn't be out of place on an old Atari or Bbc micro computer give this arcade classic a real nostalgic kick, as well as a nice option for anyone with sighted friends who wants to compete (though in an amusing twist, be aware that some motherships will turn invisible at times too forcing everyone to just target them by sound alone).

As well as local topten scores, Rocky's space invaders also has an online top fifty scoreboard (see the above list), so despite all that retro arcade feeling you can still have the modern convenience of online competition.

Happy blasting.


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