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Search Party

title:Search Party
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Danz Games (formerly: Daniel Zingaro )
last edit by:Richard


Puzzle fanatics, teachers, parents--get ready to bring the famous Word Search puzzles to your PC, at the right price!

In these puzzles, you're given a list of words, and a grid of letters in which these words are hidden. Your task is to find all of the hidden words in the puzzle. A great way to improve your vocabulary skills, or just to have some fun! But the standard paper versions can't hold a candle to this new PC version. Choose the word list you want to create a puzzle for. Select the exact credentials for your puzzle (rows, columns, word placement), and then find the words using digitized speech on your PC. You can save the puzzle to a file, print it in various font sizes, or even emboss it.

Key Features:

  • Very accessible game documentation, and an easy-to-learn game interface
  • Several word lists to get you started, and an simple interface to create your own
  • Options to specify exactly how big you want your resulting word search to be
  • Ability to have words placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, in the combination of your choice
  • Solve puzzles on your PC, using spoken feedback
  • Specify a time limit, then try to solve the puzzle before its up
  • Advanced mode, where only the lengths of the words are given--not the words themselves
  • Save the puzzle to a file, braille or print a copy
  • Low price tag, free updates for the lifespan of the game, and more

The game was originally commercial, but has now been released as freeware, but the game stil needs to be registered to become fully functional. Just go and download and run this Self-extracting archive from Dan z games and you'll have a fully registered copy of the game.

For more about DanZ games, see The danZ games page on the audiogames archive site


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