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Shades Of Doom

title:Shades Of Doom
download page:link
developer:GMA Games
features:sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


Shades of Doom is probably the first ever first person shooter audio game and as the name says, it's influenced by the legendary Doom series. In the game, you must guide your character through a top secret research base and shut down an ill-fated experiment. The game is self-voicing, and so no screen reader is required to play.

The game world consists of an entangling maze of corridors, rooms and doorways. The world contains several challenges, either testing your mind or your quick hand. During your walk through the base you are able to collect better weapons, armour, and equipment. You'll also encounter various monsters (these will kill you), insane scientists (these will steal inventory items) and more.

The game is played using either the mouse or cursor keys to move around. You will be using the sound of the wind, and the echo of your foot steps to help you navigate through the tunnels. You also have an additional navigational aid (the "environment analyzer computer") if you require it which will speak audio directions. Many objects have their own sound, and these sounds are useful as reference points. The spacebar is used for shooting.

Shades of Doom features loads of shortcut keys. Almost too many since it will take some time to learn them. However, they provide you with ease and flexibility in the game once you know them. The game also features atmospheric music and sounds and is well balanced having a number of different difficulties, and a training mode in which monsters stand still and do not attack allowing you to get used to this style of game if you have not played it before.

The free, shareware version of the game will let you play through the first level on easy difficulty as many times as you wish, but to get access to all 9 levels and the ending, you will need to buy the game from GMA games for 29 usd.

additional resources

The above link will download Shades of doom version 2.0, the latest version which features new improved sounds, mouse control and better stability on post xp windows. If people however are looking for the older version 1.2 from 2005, that can be found here at the audiogames archive.


You may hear a sterrio version of Kelly Sepergias original Shades of doom review here

Shades of Doom Guide:

Shaun Everiss and Bryan Peterson have written extensive textual Shades of Doom Guides, which contain tips, tricks and a complete walkthrough of the game. You can find them both in our Cheat section (in several file formats for convenience).

If you'd rather here an audio walkthru, a most comprehensive one in several parts by Raul gillegos recorded in 2006 can be Found here on Raul's page

A more recent demonstration of the games version 2.0 (with all new sounds), by the group Pg13 can be heard here

To find out more about GMA games and their titles, you can visit The Gma games page on the Audiogames archive site

Shades of Doom title screen

Shades of Doom screenshot of the gameplay, showing a white corridor with a turn to the left. A black dot portrays the player and a black square an encounter (in this case a mad scientist). The letter W shows that the player is facing west.


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