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Sheep incremental

title:Sheep incremental
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
developer:Karbon kitty
platform:online, web browser
release:June 2019
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


As you might expect, sheep incremental is an upcoming incremental game about sheep. like the sharks of Shark game, or the various races of Evolve, however, these sheep do a lot more than gamble around the fields going baaaaaah! these are stone age sheep, quite able to hunt and gather food, steak out new territory, nap flint into stone tools, dig wells, and eventually plant fields, discover fire and even learn how to bake bread, brew beer.

Once your sheeple have progressed far enough, you will be able to gather resources to complete a goal, such as learning to make fire. Completing this goal then resets your progress, but lets you start again with a few production bonuses, plus a hole new line of objects, upgrades and items to work on. For example, fire making will give you access to pottery and smithing, which in turn are used to complete the next goal.

Sheep incremental uses several interesting mechanics to help you get to grips with the system, for example, where as in most games you need to create workers and assign them, in sheep incremental, you physically cannot build a building until you have a free worker or two to work there, also note that the only way to stop a given production type is to disable that building, though that won't free up the workers there.

Playing the game is easy, indeed even compared to other incremental games, Sheep incremental is highly screen reader friendly, given that everything on the page is denoted by headings, indeed the level 2 headings will move between different options, such as resources (what items you have), branches, (where you can look at categories of things to build like housing, construction or farming), and objects, where each branch's contents are shown), whilst the level 3 headings will move you between the details of whatever object you've clicked on (such as lean to or flint gatherer), and a heading showing whether it can be upgraded.

Buttons are then used to buy the given upgrades, indeed buttons with very handy labels.

The only miner accessibility issue, is that once a building is disabled, it's text is greyed out so might display weirdly, however if you either use an alternative method of reading the text (such as read line), or even just click on the apparently blank line, you can access that building's details and enable it again.

The game is a very early alpha at this point, with only the first two goals, pottery making and advanced stone tools finished, and even in the advanced stone tools goal, some aspects such as megalihths and sacred carvings don't have an effect on gameplay as yet, however there is already a good couple of hours worth of solid gameplay here, and likely more to come in the future.

With an oddly serious atmosphere despite the sheep, an easy going interface and mechanics that let you really get into managing a stone age people, Sheep incremental is likely a treat for all simulation fans, and if the rest of the games' development continues as well as this, it should evolve into something truly fantastic.


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