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Slime girl caverns

title:Slime girl caverns
download page:link
genre:Adult Games XXX
platform:Web browser
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Playing as a male bee keeper in a fantasy kingdom, you wake one morning to find all of your honey has been unexpectedly stolen. A suspicious trail of gooey footprints lead to a cave in the woods, haunt of the local colony of slime girls; a band of monsters renowned for kidnapping visiting adventurers for some slippery fun. Deciding that slime girls can't be all that tough; well it's sort of in the name, you shoulder your trusty shovel, and wander into the caves, bent on retrieving your stolen honey. thus begins your sojourn in the world of slime girl caverns, an oddyssey of battling hoards of liquidy lusty ladies, making new friends and enemies, learning about the secret power within yourself and eventually confronting the cavern's sinister slime queen, a being of infinite mallice and infinite, mmmm, slime!

Slime girl caverns, the first erotic rpg produced by Elizyviolet, is a surprisingly complex role playing battle game with some fairly detailed mechanics and a comical, off colour story. During battles, you will always get a view of what your enemy's attempting next, and how damaging your own next attack will be, with options to dodge, attack, use an item or; once you unlock them), use a psychic attack. This means combats are surprisingly tactical. Is your enemy going for an attack that's likely to hit meaning dodging is advisable? Or are you going to do enough damage with your next swing to make attacking worth the risk. If your enemy grapples you, do you try to escape the grapple? Or wail away, hoping to knock out your enemy before you're fully captured. Since each zone of the game involves several onrunning fights with limited chances to heal, there's even a resource management edge to things too.

Though unquestionably an adult game, with each game over screen detailing how your character gets bonked by whatever slime you lost too, the game also features a surprisingly involved world to explore, with a host of quirky characters to befriend, unique, and often rather silly enemy slime girls, and a number of secrets and bonuses to earn; especially when you revisit zones you've previously completed.

The game can either be played online or downloaded, though both versions play entirely in a web browser, making them very screen reader friendly, since all you need to do to progress in the game is hit the appropriate link. Note that stats such as your hp and psychic power are shown in the top bar; along with slots to save the game, which can be hidden or not as you desire, and that landmarks are used to denote important sections of text. Also, bare in mind that since the online version of the game saves via web storage, clearing your browser's cash might wipe out your progress on some devices.

Despite it's light hearted atmosphere and adult; if adventurous tone, Slime girl caverns is surprisingly detailed and addictive, and features one of the most unique takes on turn based combat seen in a text game, and so is definitely one which most adult rpg fans would enjoy.


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