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Smugglers 3

title:Smugglers 3
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Nielsbauer games
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Smugglers 3 is a complex, single player turn based scifi combat and resource management game, similar to the cult classic elite.

In a galaxy where four factions are fighting a ruthless civil war, you must make your way as a captain of a starship, seaking fame, riches and promotion. You can buy and sell legal and illegal goods at the various planets to try and turn a prophit, undertake missions for your faction (thereby also gaining fame and promotion), or become a pirate and plunder innocent trade vessels.

With your loot you can buy more weaponry or other upgrades for your ship, or trade your ship in for a more expensive model, ---- though with bigger ships comes bigger responsability sinse you'll also have to hier and pay various sorts of crewmen. though bigger ships also mean bigger rewards, such as the possibility of raiding an entire planet, or plundering the mighty treasure fleet.

combat in the game is turn based, and involves using a variety of weapons systems and evasion techniques against your enemy, including the possibility of boarding their ship and perhaps even taking it over.

but the game is not your usual static resource management or basic combat pounder where everything remains nearly the same whenever you play. events in the galaxy at large can have profound effects on your career. Not only changes in economics, but also the eb and flow of the course of the war, ---- if you find yourself attacking an allied ship, your going to end up in hot water! with systems constantly changing ownership betwene the four factions, planets being lost and won, convoys being intercepted, it truly feels like the chaos of war, and you can guarantee that no two games of smugglers 3 will be the same.

then, with19 different ship types, 75 planets in 25 star systems, four different factions with different equipment, missions and starting locations and a complex world and history, this is a game which will take a while to see everything.

Though not intended to be an accessible game, sinse all information in smugglers 3 is textual, it's highly compatible with screen readers. note that Hal's virtual focus, the Jaws curser, or the window eyes curser is deffinately required, though navigation in these modes isn't too much trouble.

the only miner issue with the game involves it's music. Some people have found it difficult to here their screen reading software over the in game music. there is no volume control in the game, but sinse some users have experienced a conflict with smugglers 3 and windows media player, you can run the game in protected mode, which will run without music. To do this, just start the game, then quit in a non-standard manner, --- such as ending the program or restarting your computer. next time you play, you will have the option to set the game in protected mode. though this removes the background music, you'll stil here the in game sound effects.

The game itself is no longer available to buy singly, however it is available, along with smugglers 1-4 in the "we love smugglers" pack for either 14 usd, or four dollars if bought along with Smugglers 5

Some random idiot called Dark has also created an incredibly crazy audio review of the game which may be Downloaded here from sendspace


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