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Sonic Invaders (a game)

title:Sonic Invaders (a game)
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genre:Space invaders Games
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a.Game is a research project dedicated to the creation of audio-only computer games - experimenting with an aural language. Sonic invaders (also called a.Shooter), is the first game by the German a.Game team (Michael Aschauer, Sepp Deinhofer, Thomas Felder and Rainer Mandl).

The game is an audio game version of Space Invaders, playable with the joystick, however it works slightly differently to most games of this type. Rather than having descending ships and needing to move left to right to line them up in sterrio as is usual with audio space invaders games, the player will hear a tone, and then having to match a pulsing tone up with it using the arrows and hit space to fire. The pulse raises or lowers in pitch as you move the arrows up and down, and also can be moved left and right. This makes the Agame version of Sonic invaders more like a test of your pitch and alignment skills as much as your quick reactions.

The game is played by Gorthalen and Pitermach on their random Pg13 Podcast, as part of a general podcast about space invaders audio games, you can Find it here

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