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Sonic Invaders

title:Sonic Invaders
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download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Aristides Mytaras
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Sonic Invaders is yet another Aliens-Are-Dropping-To-Earth-And-You-Gotta-Shoot-Them-game, but with a difference. Players control the game through keyboard controls only. The keys z, x, c, v, b, n, m, [comma], and [space] represent the different angles through which you can shoot the invading aliens. Each alien drops from a different angle and you have to match that angle with the appropiate key. This may seem tough but during the training you easily get the hang of it. This type of gameplay makes this game different from predecessors Troopanum and Dark Destroyer. Headphones are recommended for better gameplay.
The instructions can be downloaded for free in .mp3 format from the website (see the download link below - also available in the greek language!)

Players can achieve a better scoring through a good accuracy percentage. Anything above 80% awards extra bonus points. Most of the enemy ships follow strict rules as to how they move and where they appear (yes, sometimes ships disappear!). It will be beneficial to know what to expect and react quickly. The sooner you hit an alien ship, the more points you collect.

The training-tutorial initially has 3 levels. As you progress through the levels in the main game, extra levels will be made available in the tutorial so you can practice against newly-discovered enemies. For example, after you reach level 10, a new level will be available in the tutorial mode. The demo will only consist of the training levels and levels 3 and 17. The full version contains 40 levels, ranging from easy to impossible.

What makes this game stand out is the music. The music in the game was written and orchestrated by Aristides Mytaras himself in 1997, recorded at the Athens Megaron (music hall). Strings were played by the "solists of parta" string orchestra under the dircetion of mr. Botinis, the piano was played by ms.Nelli Semitekolo.
The music was originally recorded for "Ikarus - Sudden Decompression", a dancetheater play directed by Konstantinos Rigos and performed by the dancetheater Oktana, a well known contemporary dance group in Greece. We can't name any other audio game of this type that has this quality of music. It works very well in the game, giving it a very professional and atmospheric feel.

The menu structures are a bit vague, due to the fact that they're not in line with the more "conventional" type of menu's most audio games now use (using cursorkeys to navigate and enter to make a selection). Instead you first have to listen to a spoken menu and only then you know your options.

A few careful words about the demo. We tried it on Windows XP and the first time it crashed. Fortunately it worked every time thereafter. So if it crashes the first time, try again and it should work then. This game is a challenge and you should all be playing it now!

Thanks To the very awesome audiogames archive site for providing a download link for this game.

Additional resources

The game is played by Gorthalen and Pitermach on their random Pg13 Podcast, as part of a general podcast about space invaders audio games, you can Find it here

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