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Sound Puzzle

title:Sound Puzzle
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
platform:Windows, Android
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Sound Puzzle is, well, a puzzle in sound which resembles the well known rubix cube. There are 9 sounds in 3 rows,3 sounds in each row. In the beginning of the game you can learn each sound's position. Then these get shuffles and you get 30 minutes to restore all sounds positions. If you run out of time, you lose the game.
Use your up and down arrow keys to move to the next row, and use your left and right arrow keys to move to the next sound in the current row. Use the Enter key to repeat the current sound.
When you know each sound's position, you can start the game. Use the space bar key for this purpose. After you have started the game, all sounds will change their positions, but the upper left sound will be current. You must restore the previous positions of the sounds. For this you use the cursor keys.

For the Android version you have on screen buttons which play the sounds. The "learn sounds" button will give you the initial positions, while clicking a button and then clicking "rotate column" or row will perform the same functions as moving about with the Curser keys would in the Pc version. The Android Version also has an extra twist, since occasionally you will hear a trick sound and your puzzle with randomly change just to keep you on your toes.

You can Read more about the Android version on this page

Before playing the Android version of the game, it might be useful to suspend your screen reader so that taps on the screen for the controls aren't transferd over to the game.

Though vipgameszone themselves seem to have vanished from the Internet somewhere around August of 2018, their games are still available thanks to the audiogames archive.

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