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Super Egghunt plus

title:Super Egghunt plus
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
release:February 2012
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Super egghunt plus is the latest iteration in a series of games that Lworks has become famous for. First, there was egghunt, a simple free game in which you run around a grid in four directions picking up as many pinging eggs as possible. There then followed Super Egghunt, in which the unpleasant Mr. Mcchicken put in an appearence, trying to give you a good pecking (and make you lose time), as you rushed to grab his eggs. Both of those two previous games however have been now replaced by the bigger, badder and much more expanded sequal, super egghunt plus!

The gameplay follows the same basic pattern as the older super egghunt game (indeed normal mode is exactly the same). Run around an open board in four directions listening for eggs and picking them up, while avoiding the beak of the psychotic chicken. Pick up clocks to increase your time and freeze the fowl foul, and grab five eggs in a row for a special bonus and maybe the chance to get some revenge on the bad bird. Super egghunt plus however offers a lot more variations on this basic theme in the form of a number of crazy game modes.

Modes go from the absolute classic egghunt (along with it's original sound effects), where your peacefull egg collection was free from rapacious roosters, to such craziness as entering a chicken coop with multiple horrible hens to contend with, reversed controls, a mode where you need to keep boost active as long as possible, and even modes that play at hyper speed. The game also, as with liam's classic Judgement day see index includes an impressive amount of trophies and other extra content that is available to be collected in the full version across the 13 different game modes.

the game is self voicing (even it's installer), so no screen reader is necessary, however sinse eggs, clocks, and the ever nasty chicken all appear in sterrio sound around you headphones are especially recommended if you want to wrack up a good score and make it onto the lworks top ten.

The free version of the game includes both normal mode (which plays mostly as the old Super egghunt), and classic mode, which brings back the original egghunt, and you can unlock the other eleven modes along with the chance to earn those trophies by perchicing the game at a cost of 15 dollars.

Once again Lworks conclusively proves that an old classic formula for a simple arcade game can be brought up to date with all the bells and whistles of a fully featured game, so if you fancy a quick action arcade outing you certainly couldn't go wrong with Super egghunt plus.

Additional resources

If you want to try the original classic version of the game, you can Download the original Egghunt here, or you can Download super egghunt here Though note both of these game modes are included in the full super Egghunt plus game and are just here for historical purposes thanks to the awesome Audiogames archive site, visit their listing for Lworks games here

Happy hunting.


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