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Superdog's bone hunt

title:Superdog's bone hunt
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:PCS Games
last edit by:Sander


SuperDog's Bone Hunt is a free game from PCS. The aim of the game is to help SuperDog find as many bones as possible in three minutes. You move SuperDog around the lawn with your arrow keys and when he gets near a bone, he will pick it up and eat it. The bones make bell-like sounds so it is easy to loacate them. SuperDog barks like crazy when the cat gets near and in the hard difficulty level, he runs to the fence to try to get it.

For more about Phil Vlasac and Pcs games, you can visit The Pcs page on the audiogames archive site

No dogs or cats were hurt in the making of this game.


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