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Super Tennis

title:Super Tennis
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Unfortunately, since at least August of 2018 Vipgameszone seems to have completely vanished from the internet. This means that not only are their games no longer available to buy, but even people who bought copies of their games cannot register them either.

Super Tennis is a tennis game, based on its predecessor Crazy Tennis but with some very interesting new features.

In Super Tennis you can choose to play against the computer or to compete with a partner over the internet.
The computer player mode offers several options. You can choose the difficulty level, you can use spoken help, you can save and load the game. The computer will imitate your opponent. The developers claim to have used some nifty algorithms for the artificial intelligence of the computer opponent, as well as realistic physics for the ball's movement.
Playing Super Tennis against the computer is not really a realistic tennis game. This is the first thing you notice when you select a difficulty level other than "easy". If you select "normal" you'll suddenly find yourself playing with 2 balls! With "hard", 3 balls are active, "super" activates 4 balls and "insane" has 5 balls in play at the same time. In a real tennis game you have of course only one ball to hit.

The game mainly revolves around hitting all the balls that come towards you. You use the enter key to serve the ball. The computer will return the ball and you will hear this ball. You must pan the ball to the centre of the screen. Use left and right arrow keys for this purpose. Use down arrow key + left or right arrow key to speed up your movement. The game also supports the use of a joystick. If the ball is right in front of you, you can return it. If the ball isn't right in front of you and you try to return it, you'll hear the fail to hit sound, if you fail to hit the ball three times, the computer earns the point.

You can hit a ball towards a specific target. Use left ctrl key, delete or left alt to return the ball from the left to the right. Use right ctrl key or page down or right alt to return the ball from the right to the left. Use space bar or the end key to return the ball back to the centre. If you use different keys it will be more difficult for the computer to return the ball and you have more chances to earn points. But if you are on the left side of the game field and hit the ball left again, the ball will be out of the field and you lose your current ball. If the computer misses a returned ball, you will earn points. The game uses the standard tennis score count system, 15 love 30 love etc.

There is a realistic crowd ambience, plus some sounds to indicate as you move whether you're on the left, centre or right of the field.
From time to time you will also fall down, if this happens, use the up arrow key to get back on your feet, then you can continue your movement or return the ball..

One of the main attractions is of course the multiplayer support. This means that you can play with a real partner over the internet. Connecting to the partner is relatively easy. When you log on, you'll receive a list of other people that are online and waiting. Select one of them and you're off!
Playing Super Tennis against a real opponent feels a lot more like a realistic tennis game. There's only one ball which bounces between you and your opponent. If the ball moves from you to your opponent, the volume of the ball sound will decrease. If the ball moves from your opponent to you, its volume will increase.
In the beginning of the match the program will choose randomly who will serve. As with when playing the computer, use the same 3 keys or the alternate keys to return the ball. Every time that you successfully hit the ball, the ball speeds up, so you and your partner have less time to return the ball. This sounds like a technique similar to the one used in the arcade classic Pong. Unfortunately it is not possible to set the speed with which you return the ball, like you do with the angle.

Super Tennis offers a free text messenger with which you can send text messages to your opponent. The messages are text-based and you'll need a seperate screenreader or the SAPI engine to hear the messages from your partner. The game also supports the use of a surround sound system (although it is unclear in what way it influences the gameplay?). If you haven't got a surround sound system you can still play this game too but you need a stereo sound system.

All in all, Super Tennis is an audio game that gives you a sensation of playing something that's in between tennis, pong and Crazy Tennis. Realistic or not, this game is fun. The match against the computer can basically be compared to Crazy Tennis. But playing against a real opponent over the Internet is where the strength of this game lies.
Some things can still be improved, like controlling your own ball-return speed and maybe even add movement on the y-axis (which is relatively easy since the game seems to use a first-person view). But the developers have done an amazing job

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