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download page:link
developer:Anatol Kamynin
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Technoshock is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a hard as nails, big, bad and tough 3D audio shooter game, where no mercey will be shown.

With the activation of the Skynet computer, the war betwene humans and machines began. As a member of the human resistance, you are tasked with finding and rescuing a number of scientists working on valuable weapons research for the human cause. Unfortunately, the mission doesn't go as planned, and finishes up with you, ---- last surviver of your team, locked in a sell in the basement of the very building where the scientists are being held. but your mission is stil on, ---- and when you find an axe in your sell, perhaps you have a chance of winning through.

In technoshock, you move forward with the up arrow, turn with left and right arrows, stop or reverse with the down arrow. you can also snap turn, ---- Ie turn a full 90 degrees to the cardinal cumpus directions by holding the alt key, can duck with down arrow pluss control, or jump with control pluss one of the other arrows. Space bar is used to shoot, and 1-9 are used to select weapons (when you find them). Other hotkeys exist, so reading the manual is deffinately advised.

While having some great sound effects, ---- particularly for your varius robotic enemies, there is no denying this game is deffinately at the harder end for audio shooter games, even on it's easier difficulty settings. So only download this one if your deffinately prepared for a challenge!

The game is however free, so trying it out to test your skills is deffinately possible, and of course, it is fully self-voicing as well so no screen reader is necessary.

An Update pack, click here to download is available, which fixes some bugs and also adds a learn game sounds feature. Technoshock may also be played in other languages such as russian and Brazilian Portuguese as well. Though the game is entirely and completely free, if you like it donating to the developers would be a way of showing your appreciationg of their hardwork and effort in creating this great, ---- if rather exasperating game.

A demonstration of the game was recorded by the group Pg 13, which can be Heard here

Further information about the game can be found on The Audiogames Archive technoshock page


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