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The Great Toy Robbery

title:The Great Toy Robbery
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows, Mac
last edit by:Dark


The great toy robbery is a classic game from Lworks which has been beloved by audiogamers for the last fourteen years. As per Christmas of 2018 however, it has received a massive overhaul, and now is bigger, badder and more addictive than ever.

Playing as the extremely naughty child Naughty McNaughterson you decide your sick of not getting any toys from Santa each christmas, so have decided to take matters into your own larsonous hands. Having tracked down Santa's workshop, you decide to sneak in and grab as many toys as possible right from under Father Christmas big red nose.


During the game, run around a closed arena with the arrow keys to try and grab up as many toys as possible in two minutes (remember you can hit two arrows together to run in diagonals). Occasionally, an alarm will sound and one of Santa's not so jolly little elves will start bouncing after you on a Pogo stick. Should it manage to jump you, the game is over.

Survive for two minutes however, and Santa clause will be after you himself. Seven doors will appear around the sides of the arena, and exiting any of them will let you get away with the loot. Scattered around however are 7 musical keys, grab them up for score bonuses, however with every key you grab, Saint Nick gets faster and angrier. Get all 7 and he'll attempt to slay you, using his rocket powered slay. Make a clean getaway and you'll earn a huge score boost, get stomped however and you leave with nothing.

Part of the huge rewrite the game received in 2018, includes adding an achievement system. With over 100 achievements to unlock, some easy, some hard you'll be running around Santa's workshop for years to come. Also, note that the game now tracks statistics too, including what part of the world your in, and has several regional scoreboards for different parts of the globe.

The great toy robbery is also the first Lworks title to work natively on Mac without need for windows emulation. So, any mac users feel free to Go here to download the mac version

< p>for more about Lworks, you can Visit the Lworks page on the audiogames archive site

Happy theftmas.


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