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The Snowball War

title:The Snowball War
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genre:Action Games
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As the name says, you must throw snowballs at an oponent, but at the same time avoid being hit yourself, of cource. Interestingly, this game is for 2 players. The game ends when one of the players has hit the other with 3 snowballs.

The game is played with the numeric keys. Pressing 1 will move player one back. By pressing 2 player one will pick up snow when in the playing area. The same key is used when player 1 is in his or her snowball armory. When player one has a snowball and is in the armory, pressing 2 will drop it: if they do not have a snowball one will be picked up (unless there aren't any there!). More about the snowball armory later. Pressing 3 will moves player one forward and pressing 4 lets player one throw a snowball.
The keys 7, 8, 9 and 0 are used for exactly the same things, but for player 2.

When player 1 and 2 walk back and forward, the sound of steps will be heard. The landscape consists of 9 squares, but only 7 of them can be used by both players.
On square 1 and 9, player 1 and 2 have their snowball armories and player one only can go to player ones armory, and the same for player two. They are private and secure.
So one player has 8 squares to move on, 7 normal ones and the players own snowball armory.
To make a snowball, you must pick up snow 8 times. When you've done it you'll hear a sound that tells you that you've got a snowball.When you have a snowball in your hand, you can't pick up more snow before you've thrown it away or layed it in your snowball armory.
When you throw a snowball you'll hear a "shwoop" sound, and if the snowball hits you will hear a splash sound and then you'll be informed about who got hit. If the player has been hit 3 times, the game is over and the other player wins.

In the snowball armory you can store 5 snowballs at any given time.
For player 1, the snowball armory is on square 1, and for player 2 it is on square 9.
As i've said only player 1 and 2 can come into their own snowball armeries, so when a player is in the snowball armory, the other player can't throw snowballs at the player. Anyway, you can only stand in your armory for a short space of time, then you'll be kicked out and must wait a couple of seconds before you can go into it again. It's so the players shall not be able to hide in the armory all the time.
To pick up a snowball that lies in the snowball armory, player 1 can use the key 2 and player 2 can use the key 8. It's only in the armory the keys 2 and 8 are used for that, elseware in the game, they are used for picking up snow. To lay down a snowball in the armory, the players use the same keys as they do for picking up one.
If you already have 5 snowballs in your armory, you can't pick up more snow in the playing field, you must run to your armory and take up a snowball from there.

The game is sometimes a little bit buggy and you need some time to get into it. But when you do it is a lot of fun, especially because you can play together.

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