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Treasure Hunt

title:Treasure Hunt
download page:link
license:open source
genre:Top-down Shooter
developer:BPC Programs
last edit by:Dark


TheFBI have received intelligence that the mad cloner, James Brutus has begun dangerous and illegal experiments into the very nature of life itself. As the FBI's top agent, it's your job to infiltrate the complex underground lab under Brutus's house, fight off his army of clone guards and mad experiments and hopefully shut down his cloning machine, thus putting a stop to his diabolical plans.

Treasure Hunt actually doesn't have anything to do with finding treasure so if you were expecting pirates, think again.

You are equipped with a hand gun, sword what a combination?), and may also find other weapons throughout your journey like remote control missiles that can blow through walls, poisoned needles to kill guards at a distance, or the mental capacity breacher which can let you take control of a guard for a limited time. Your TSS audient device controls not only the scope of your gun, but will tell you about objects in a 20 foot radius, handy for finding keys, doors and other objects important to the goal of your mission, but watch out, Brutus and his clone army know where you are, and will stop at nothing to see you dead.

First released as a commercial audiogame and then unavailable when Bpc programs went down, , like Bpc's other title 3d velocity Treasure hunt is now open source using the common code repository service Github. This means both that anyone can modify the games code if needed, but also that the developer is now giving the game some long awaited updates. Recent editions include continuous movement (no need to hammer the arrow keys to move anymore), and improvements for some of your weapons (the full change log is available on Github).

The game may be downloaded and run directly from the above link, or through downloading and running Github's own software which makes tracking versions and code updates easier.

More about Bpc can be found on This page on the audiogames archive site

Good hunting.


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