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Troopanum 2

title:Troopanum 2
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:BSC Games
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Troopanum 2 is the sequel to Troopanum. Like its predecessor your mission is to defend your starbase with your laser gun. This time you have to fight off the evil space commander Lord Vector through 16 levels of intense play grabbing as many points as possible by moving your gun left and right to blow up the descending ships before they land. Again however, for every miss you lose points so firing wildly won't help you. Vector's troups now include teleporting hovercraft, randomly jumping enforcer sships, lunar lifters which go up rather than descend, moon rocks (which need to be taken out with sideways lasers using the alt and arrow keys), powerful bommer ships and his entirely new breed of ships called gorbians. Gorbian levels involve using the four arrow keys to move your beeping target horizontally and vertically on the screen to correctly target the ships both across and up before shooting them.
There is a new swaying ship called a liquidator which appears on higher levels. This is one of Vector's most powerful ships. It can only be destroyed when it is situated perfectly in the center of the screen.
You can pick up new special items along the way like smart bombs which clear all ships on screen, portals which teleport you randomly forward or back, moon rock shields, which protect you against crashing moonrocks that damage your lasers. There is a new special item called a ground nuke which destroys all ships that have landed -- setting total ships landed back to zero.

The game features two new bonus rounds in the game, one where you must guide your ship down to a landing pad at the center of the screen and successfully land it by repeatedly hitting the arrows, and one where you must repeatedly slay ever increasing numbers of Vector's ships.

Troopanum 2 allows joystick/gamepad input and you can choose how wide of a game board you would like to play on to test your skill. While at the main menu, press control+b to cycle between the settings normal, wider, and widest game board, also note that hitting L in the game places a beeping beacon at the center of the playing field which is very helpful in taking out those nasty liquidators.

The gameplay of Troopanum 2 can vary hugely. not only are there three difficulties (and insane mode really is! insane), but also there are a number of missions you can choose. Walk in space is the standard game, Baby blackhole is a simplified version rather like an extended version of the original Troopanum featuring no moonrocks or gorbians, while half and half has half standard, and half gorbian levels, while bommer madness has a great many extra bommer ships which take multipel hits to distroy. Rresurrection changes the gameplay entirely so that you play level 15 first and then slowly things get easier as you play your way back to level 1.

Typing Dan on the main menu will also let you play the original meteors game from the classic Troopanum.

Though Bsc games closed forever in March of 2013, Dan Zingaro has agreed that the games can be made abandonware. Troopanum 2 (along with a registration generator for registering the game), is therefore available on the above page thanks to the audiogames archive. Since the Bsc website is also not around anymore, this means the Troopanum scoreboards aren't available, though since the game still tracks your progress with a statistics file, you can still have a record for bragging rights.

You can hear a review of Troopanum 2 here recorded for the net radio station Acb's Main menue program.

The game is played by Gorthalen and Pitermach on their random Pg13 Podcast, as part of a general podcast about space invaders audio games, you can Find it here

With the issues so many people have encountered playing BSC games on modern windows, Daniel Nash created the very handy Bscfix program to help. This works extremely well and now means most of Bsc's titles can be played again. You can find the pack on the audiogames archive or directly with this download

With a great techno, very classic video game style soundtrack, some awesome alien sounds in a rich landscape, and gameplay that has been calculated to push the concept of a space invaders game truly as far as it can go and mess up your expectations, Troopanum 2 is again an absolute classic and one which anyone who is a fan of this sort of action game should try out.


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