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Ultimate Soundoku

title:Ultimate Soundoku
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Draconis Entertainment
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From the Ultimate Soundoku website:

"As the Sudoku craze sweeps across the world, young and old alike are discovering the addictive fun of this brain-busting puzzle game. Though it exists in many forms, the basic concept is always the same: fill in every square on the puzzle-grid without repeating any value in any row, column, or region.

Draconis Entertainment brings this puzzle game to a rich audio platform, designed to encompass Sudoku in all it's many varied incarnations, while realistically emulating the pen-and-paper charm of the classic game. It's more than Sudoku...it's more than SounDoku...it's The Ultimate SounDoku!

Choose to use letters, numbers, or sound effects in varied audio themes, just as printed Sudoku games use numbers, letters, or symbols. Can you beat the clock and solve the puzzle before time runs out? Or would you rather take your time and defeat the puzzle on your own schedule? The Ultimate SounDoku offers all this, and much more.


  • Millions of automatically generated puzzles.
  • Both 9X9-grid and 16X16-grid puzzles.
  • Seven levels of difficulty.
  • Eight entirely different audio themes to use as "symbols" as you play!
  • Three modes of play: Puzzle, Clock, and Custom.
  • The ability to create and save custom puzzles, or copy puzzles from Sudoku puzzle books and newspapers for play with the Ultimate SounDoku.
  • Keyboard layouts for both desktop and laptop computers.
  • The ability to save a game in progress and resume it later.
  • Two methods of navigation and feedback: Basic and Advanced.
  • ...and much more! "

To find out more about Draconis and their games, see The draconis page on the Audiogames archive site.


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