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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kitchens Inc
release:2003 updated 2008
last edit by:Dark


Though not literally the oldest computer game in existence, if you ask people what the first successful computer game is, they'll often answer Pong. An early variant of table tennis using the simplest of black and white graphics, thanks to the late great Jim Kitchin (and his long time partner Marcy Brown), there is now a straight forward version available for Windows.

To play, first choose a short game (IE first to eleven points), or a long game (first to 21). Then simply line up the sound of the approaching ball in your sterrio field and try to bounce it back at the computer, tracking it's rebounds off the arena walls along the way. If a player misses the ball, then a point goes to the other side. This continues until the target score is reached. Simple, addictive, and fun, also a great way of remembering Jim and Marcy who's voice you will here in the game.

There are two versions of Pong available, the above link will download the tts version that runs with Jim's other games, while This link will download the older, self voicing version of the game.

As all of Jim’s games install into the same folder you’ll need to install The winkit installer found here, which also adds many of the visual basic dependencies necessary to run not only Jim’s games, but many other’s on modern Windows, though if you have those already you can just download the above file.

Jim Kitchin sadly passed away on August the 2nd, 2015. To learn more about the late great Jim Kitchin and his vast collection of games, you can Visit the Kitchinsinc page on the Audiogames archive site Which also contains one giant installer so that you can get all of Jim's games in one handy package. Goodbye Jim, you will be sorely missed.

Happy bouncing.


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