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genre:Adult Games XXX
developer:Kitchens Inc
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Spanker is an Adult sexual themed bop it style spanking game, (complete with appropriate sounds), developed by Jim Kitchen. Under aged gamers or those not looking for this sort of theme in a game should likely avoid this one, although anyone who is mildly amused by a bit of naughty humour of the sort the late Jim Kitchen favoured will probably find it to be fun, particularly since the sexual elements in this one are rather less explicit than in some of Jim's other adult titles. .

The gameplay is very much like Bop-It. Listen out for the sound of a woman grown in anticipation, then quickly press the appropriate arrow key, left right or centre depending upon the direction of the sound. Done successfully and you'll hear the lady's pleased squeal as you deliver an erotic spanking, make one mistake however and you'll lose her interest.

As all of Jim’s games install into the same folder you’ll need to install The winkit installer found here, which also adds many of the visual basic dependencies necessary to run not only Jim’s games, but many other’s on modern Windows, though if you have those already you can just download the above file.

Jim Kitchin sadly passed away on August the 2nd, 2015. To learn more about the late great Jim Kitchin and his vast collection of games, you can Visit the Kitchinsinc page on the Audiogames archive site Which also contains one giant installer so that you can get all of Jim's games in one handy package. Goodbye Jim, you will be sorely missed.


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