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Word Strain Volume 2

title:Word Strain Volume 2
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:BSC Games
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Like Word Strain Volume 1, volume 2 consists of two educational word games:

  • Word Battle puts a new twist on the classic word game. It combines elements of Hangman and Battleship into an exciting duel against a computer opponent. You choose a word, the computer chooses a word. Can you guess his word by exchanging one letter/shot at a time before he gets yours?
  • Word Replica is a game where you specify the number of words you'd like to use, then attempt to match them in a hidden list taking as little time (and making as few mistakes) as possible. When you match two words, they are removed from the list. Your goal is to clear the list and gain as many points as possible. The hidden words in the list are numbered. You select your first hidden word/number by pressing enter on it and the hidden word is shown to you. Next, you arrow to a second hidden word/number in the list and press enter to show it. If it is a match, you get points and the two words in the list are removed. If you miss, you lose points and the words are hidden again. I.E lets see, the first word in the list is super and was the ninth word in the list super or the tenth one? This game will test your memory! Think you can handle this? We thought so; that's why you can choose from five to thousands of words to match! Word Battle and Word Replica come shipped with over 100000 words in their databases. This promises a unique game every time.

Good luck!

Though Bsc games closed down in March of 2013, Dan Zingaro has agreed that all their games can be made abandonware, so they're now available thanks to the audiogames archive.

With the issues so many people have encountered playing BSC games on modern windows, Daniel Nash created the very handy Bscfix program to help. This works extremely well and now means most of Bsc's titles can be played again. You can find the pack on the audiogames archive or directly with this download


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