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Wumpus 2000

title:Wumpus 2000
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Muffy St. Bernard
last edit by:Dark


Though written in the very old and traditional inform or zcode interactive fiction language, Wumpus 2000 is far from the usual interactive fiction offering, and closer to a true rpg. Being in some ways a homage to the 1976 very early logic puzzle hunt the Wumpus, the plot is extremely simple. You, a news paper reporter, have been investigating toxic waste leaks in a small town and reports of strange, mutated creatures. When you ask the wrong question, you quickly find yourself dumped into a cave system under the town full of self same mutated beasties and need to find your way out, which can only be done by passing the dreaded Wumpus itself.

Despite the modern plot and setting, the game has all the hallmarks of a fantasy dungeon. Weerd monsters, weapons that you can pick up, turn based combat, and the ability to increase your strength over time, something which you'll need to do if your to tackle some of the nastier creatures. Combat is fairly simple, but sinse you have attack and defense values and the possibility to wear armor, is certainly enough to give you the general idea, and reward you with increases, not to mention limited use healing or attack items for your exploring.

Exploration is indeed a huge part of the game. the dungeon is randomized, and unusually for if, there are no direction commands such as north, south, east or west, rather you type in the number of the exit you want to get to. At least however, each of the 100 rooms is itself numbered, (a hang over from the old logic puzzle), meaning that though this is a maze, you should be able to keep track of what room your in fairly well. Hazards such as unclimbable slopes, rushing water and other environmental nasties will get in the way and hamper your mapping skills, but these are not too much to worry about provided you keep track of where you have been and explore methodically, though certainly a good navigation sense will be of distinct help.

Though stuck in a cave, the plot doesn't get ignored either, and the notes and remains of former cave adventurers give a nice idea to the overall story of things, as well as providing touches of humour.

Additional resources.

Zcode is an interactive fiction format, and as such you'll need a Zcode interpreter to play the game. Possible choices include Win frotz see index, Win frotz tts see index, or Filfer.

A review of the game was written in Spag, the web magazine devoted to If, and can be Read here Though bare in mind that as a magazine about Interactive fiction, the reviewer might not have had the most neutral atitude towards a game which is most distinctly an rpg.

Though good sense of navigation is deffinately needed, the atmosphere, randomization and setting in this one is great, and will be of interest to anyone who fancies a dungeon hack with a slightly modern theme.


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