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download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Game madness interactive
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Battlezone is one of the first and most major projects undertaken by one of our own forum members using the newly released Blastbay game toolkit

One day while piecefully out shopping You are suddenly kidnapped by some mad individual and an endless hoard of very violent employees. Luckily, you have a gun, sword, some exploding booby traps and even an automatic machine gun stashed in your shopping bag (you can't be too careful), so you set about breaking out of the kidnapper's clutches, doing as much damage as possible. Thus begins a fast action, high speed side scrollin adventure taking you from the enemy's lab, past hoards of very angry minians, bottomless pits, stabbing blades, rolling boulders, fireballs, on rushing cars and of course some of this mysterious kidnappers maniacal henchmen as bosses.

it's not all bad though, you'll be able to spend your points to replenish supplies, and if your quick enough be able to grab some of the falling items to help you through this parade of nastiness.

The game uses ms Sapi to be self voicing and contains a variety of music and sound effects (including many taunts), different ambience for the various levels and non stop action, this is deffinately worth a try, ---- particularly sinse developement is ongoing and new nasties and extra levels are being added continuously (at the current 13 stages, it's already a pretty monstrous game, ---- especially considdering that it's completely free). Just remember that because battlezone was created with the free version of bgt, you'll need that installed on your machine in order to run the game.

For a developement logue and discussion, as well as announcements of new versions of the game, , see This massive topic on our forum

Lauren Downie and Brendan Smith from the forum have recorded This walkthru of the game which should be helpful to new players.

Since Game madness interactive never had their own website and distributed their games on Dropbox, The above homepage link goes to the Audiogames Archive page where you can read more about them and their games.

Happy battling!


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