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The Savage Gamut

title:The Savage Gamut
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developer:Fantasy Storm
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The Savage Gamut is a windows boxing game developed by fantasy storm.net, and now hosted on The Audiogames archive site.

in the Savage Gamut, the figure of a human body is represented by a number of keyboard keys, ---- for example y for the head, and g for the left arm, and using these in conjunction with the shift and control keys you must learn a number of correct defences, attacks, and counter-punches in order to take down your opponent. For example, when your enemy does an uppercut you need to raise the head with up arrow and the y key, then respond with a body blow from the or j keys and the up arrow. the savage Gamut training program is a voice trainer which serves to let you know the correct sound, type of punch, and counter. . The punches and counters work rather like a rhythm action or boppit style game, with you having to respond quickly to the correct sound, though since there are a good many of these to learn, and the punches fly fast and furious, it will take quite a bit of skill to become the champion.

The actual game consists of two possible contests, the savage gamut in which you must face off against a number of boxers from the feeble Scare crow to the champion Core, and the savage gamut redemption, where you must defend your title against the same villainous crew you dealt with on your way up.

Each boxer is increasingly faster with their punches, also will do more damage if they hit, thus meaning it'll take fewer blows before your counted out to ten.

With atmosphere and ambience, and gameplay which will take a degree of mastery, The Savage Gamut is not quite as simple as it seems.

Enjoy the boxing!


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