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Dark Destroyer

title:Dark Destroyer
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
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"The doomday has come, the day when the earth finally will be gone from the galaxy. The humans' situation is desperate, they don't seem to stand a chance against the huge army of enemies that have surrounded them, at all sides. They are in panic, and they don't manage to organise even the weakest defense. The first attacking ships have already been spotted, cirkling over the planet. All defense is meaningless, the last piece of hope is gone.

Suddenly, an enormous, golden spaceship bursts through the dark clouds, it sweeps down with a speed of an attacking snake and throws a bomb right at the closest enemy ship. It explodes with a bang that makes the earth tremble.
The golden ship continues to make it's way down through the sky, and a scene of a kind that never has been seen before takes place as one enemy after the other explodes in a cloud of fire. The ship is now only a few hundred meters above the earth, and in the light of the moon two shining letters are visible on the ships left side: D d. "

In dark destroyer, you, the dark destroyer pilot said golden ship against an oncoming wave of enemies, using your space bar to fire lazers or the alt key to chuck bombs. the position of the enemies is denoted by left/right sterrio pan, and the pitch of the oncoming ships. With twelve levels of intensive action, and only five lives to see you through, disposing of the aliens won't be easy.

But of course, worse than all the mindless alien soldiers is their evil and manic leader who you'll have to confront after dealing with his hoards. And if his army, and his ship don't stop you, his withering remarks certainly will!

Though now the game is abandonware, it's stil being hosted by the very great audiogames archive site, and thus is well worth a try, ---- though of course the old online scoreboards which were supported at the pb games website are no longer available for score uploading. Stil, you can always view local best scores on your own computer, ---- and all in all a lot of fun.


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