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genre:Action Games
developer:BSC Games
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Hunter was a landmark audiogame released by Bsc games which combined 10 different arcade style challenges into an adventurous ongoing journey. As stated in the game's story, you take on the role of the unflappable Hunter Jo, a tribal hunter in the wild land of Morbian. One day coming across an ancient mapmap to the lost land of Bobo, you decide to try and recover the ancient treasure of Bobo, including their fabulous tribal statue.

The game therefore follows your journey through various stages of intensive arcade action, some of which mimmic classic arcade games, though with high quality sounds and absorbing ambience. For example the game begins as Hunter Jo must traverse a jungle inhabited by a voodoo doctor and his trained animals, meaning that you need to target animals to shoot them with Jo's blow gun, occasionally pausing to behead snakes or hop quickly into a tree if you hear the Voodoo Doctor himself approaching. As the game continues you'll find yourself traversing a swamp, fighting off deadly stinging insects, fishing for food, bouncing down the river in a canoe and entering the deadly valley of tigers (complete with a crazy rhinoceros). Even when Jo finds the treasure things aren't easy since you'll need to grab up as many coins as you can while dodging deadly scorpians, then be challenged by Marpu, the Bobo warrior to order some blowing bone pipes correctly or risk a grizly death at Marpu's hands. Finally, the game finishes with a climactic chace over a waterfall to escape the furious warrior, swinging on vine ropes in the best Tarzan tradition.

For the instructions on how to play each of the levels, check the readme, similarly you will find a Hunter story as a text file installed along with the game.

As well as surviving all these various misadventures and returning with the treasure, (a harder task than you might expect given that you have only three lives and most deaths are pretty instant), Hunter also lets you wrack up your score and challlenge yourself on three different difficulties, each earning more points. In Hunter indeed, the three different difficulties make a huge difference, often changing the gameplay in surprising ways, for example in hard mode, all of the animals in the Jungle take extra hits to knockout, while the bone pipes game in which tones must be matched alters in it's objective as well as having less time.

You can also change up the gameplay by choosing a "random adventure" from the main menu, where the order of the game's ten levels is randomized, meaning you can never be sure which is coming next.

Hunter was originally a commercial game, however Bsc closed their doors forever in March of 2013. Dan Zingaro has however agreed that all of Bsc's games can be made abandonware, and now they're available on the above page on the fantastic audiogames archive site along with a registration key generator for registering the game on your computer and getting full access (since the demo version only let you play the first three levels and expired after 15 days). Also check that page for some tips on running Hunter and the other Bsc titles on modern Windows.

Unfortunately with Bsc no longer available, the function to post your score to the Bsc scorboards from within the game no longer applies, though remember that a game statistics file is always generated so you can have a log of your triumphs for bragging rights.

Additional resources

You can find a Review of hunter Here Recorded on the net radio station Acb's Main menue program.

A textual walkthru of hunter written by Bryan Peterson can be found Here in our articles room , while audio walkthrus can be Found here on the Asmodian site

The group Pg13 also recorded a more recent demonstration of Hunter which can be Heard here

With the issues so many people have encountered playing BSC games on modern windows, Daniel Nash created the very handy Bscfix program to help. This works extremely well and now means most of Bsc's titles can be played again. You can find the pack on the audiogames archive or directly with this download

Combining an on running action journey with well crafted and varying arcade challenge, complete with a spooky Indiana Jones type of ambience that'll have you feeling wet, cold and hungry without actually being there, Hunter is truly a classic and highly recommended for everyone to try.

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