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Maitipi Escape

title:Maitipi Escape
download page:link
genre:Adventure Games
platform:online (Flash)
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Maitipi Escape is a free audio game developed by Berlin-based company Baudhaus. "The game was build to create a community for both blind and seeing gamers", according to one of its developers, Achim Weber. The game was not developed to make a profit, but more as "a showcase of the creative potential of the Baudhaus team" (ehum?).

The game, an online Flash game, is played with your mouse, like the online mini-audio game Ratjeprak. And, similar to RatjePrak, the game takes place inside a laboratory where a chemical experiment has gone seriously wrong. You take on the role of the hero, who is blinded by the fatal experiment. The goal of the game is to get out of the laboritory and reach the beach of the beautiful island of Maitipi, on which the laboratory is stationed. During your trip you'll find objects, like weapons, that assist you in finding your way out safely.

The game is not so easy to play. However, the game sounds good and will eventually please the player who puts some effort in it.

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