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Tarzan Junior

title:Tarzan Junior
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
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Tarzan Junior was the first commercial game produced by philip Bennefall under his first company, Pb games, now Blastbay Studios. The game is now released as Abandonware, but is very much worth playing.

As Tarzan's son you make your way through a number of levels, most in side scroller style where you run from left to right jumping pits, fighting various jungle creatures, swinging on vines or swimming through a river. Other levels have you avoiding some very hungry tigers in a sterrio fashion, stabbing poisonous bees, or even a targeting fest with a gun.

though it begins as a basic side scrolling arcade action game wandering the jungle, things take a sinister course as you encounter the evil Torgons, 10 feet high ape like creatures with a taste for shooting down innocent people, ---- and of course being the hero you are you go after them, and their famous gun of power.

With a number of stages, some really interesting boss fights, weapons ranging from a spear, to a sling shot (which you actually use your points to buy ammo for), and eventually a gun the game is certainly diverse enough to keep you on your toes. What's more, is the challenge really! ramps up at higher difficulty levels.

Though it's now abandonware, Tarzan junior, like all of the other Pb games titles, is being hosted on the Audiogames archive site, so it's stil very much available to play. Note though, that since it was originally intended as a commercial game, you'll need to extract and run the registration patch to get access to the full game. Just extract it from the above archive

The Group Pg13 also more recently recorded a demonstration of Tarzan Junior which can be Heard here


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