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Top Speed

title:Top Speed
download page:link
genre:Racing Games
developer:Playing in the Dark
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Topspeed is the first of the highly successful series developed by the group of Dutch and Flemish developers called Playinginthedark.

Like it's successors, Topspeed is a racing game which uses the sounds of your engine and the track around you to bring you the experience of a high speed racing game. Controling your car with the arrow keys and z and a for gears in manual transmission, how close you are to the side of the track will be shown by the sterrio position of your engine which you obviously want to keep as centered as possible. You'll also be able to tell what road surface your on such as concrete or gravel, and additionally you have a copilot who'll warn you about upcoming turns.

Though with comparatively few features compared to the later games in the series, Topspeed stil has enough to keep you busy. You can choose four different cars or motorbikes, and see how good a time record you can get while racing around the 8 different tracks.

The game also features four street adventures which have different road surfaces, and weather affects to challenge your driving skills, as well as generally narrower roads and some sharper curves to the track.

The game is also completely free, but Playinginthedark do accept donations should you wish to show your appreciation for their work that way.

Additional resources:

You can download a Dutch Language pack for the game here

There is a German language pack for the game here

And A tirkish language pack for the game here

You can also find out more about the game by Reading the manual online here

And there is also This review on blind cool tech To give you even more of a clear idea of what the game is like.

For more about Topspeed, you can visit Playinginthedark's page on the audiogames archive site

Happy racing!


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